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The original custom-blended system for foundation makeup, PhotoCover guarantees a 100% match for your skin tone and texture. This makeup is suitable for all skin types and conditions - from normal needs to the needs of pigmentation or camouflage.

Eliminate the frustration, time and expense of trying to match your skin to off-the-shelf products. Since off-the-shelf products don't really match or they are too oily or too matte. Your skin is constantly changing. What worked several months ago may not work today. Your PhotoCover foundation can change with you.

Your licensed skin care professional will analyze your skin and factor in your lifestyle and your preferences to custom-make a foundation that not only matches your skin tone perfectly, but that matches your lifestyle.

And you can have extra --- extra sun protection, or Pearlescence for that glamorous evening look, oil control, extra moisturizing, or corrective skin care in your foundation.

All ingredients are the highest possible quality, so that your foundation is actually good for your skin, not just a cover-up. And all ingredients are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.
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